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Preventative Maintenance & 24-7 Emergency Cover

Your UPS system is protecting your critical equipment from power cuts and power disturbances , to ensure that your UPS continues to provide this protection we recommend that you service the UPS regularly at least 2 annual planned maintenance services per year.

As part of our commitment to our customers we offer full 24/7 nationwide after-sales maintenance / service contracts.

Depending on the customer requirements our maintenance contracts can include the following: planned maintenance visits emergency cover 24/7 or business hours, quick response times to site, on site spares.

Customised Contracts

Our standard range of maintenance contracts can be adapted to suit the specific needs of our clients.

The Benefits

  • Factory trained Engineers
  • 24/7 Emergency Cover
  • Quick Response Times to Site
  • Telephone Help Line
  • Spares Held Locally
  • Out of Hours Routine Services Available
  • Maintenance Cover to suit the customer’s requirements

Level of Maintenance Cover

    2 x Routine Services, 24/7 emergency call-out, Response 4 Hour + Travel, Replacement Spares, (Not including Batteries)
    2 x Routine Services, 24/7 emergency call-out, Response 4 Hour + Travel
    2 x Routine Services, Monday to Friday (9.00am to 5.00pm) emergency call-out
    2 x Routine Services only.

12 Point Maintenance Schedule

  1. Visual inspection of all the UPS equipment and battery, check for any exceptional environmental or other conditions that could damage or affect the performance of the UPS.
  2. Clear any build up of dust from the UPS.
  3. Check and record all voltages and current reading on the rectifier, battery, inverter, and output.
  4. Check that the output load (Amps, KW, KVA) is within the rating of the UPS.
  5. Check the operation of the UPS under mains failure condition (battery discharge).
  6. Check UPS display readings for correctness and confirm with a DVM and ammeter
  7. Check the operation of the static switch inverter to reserve & reserve to inverter.
  8. Check all network connection SNMP , Software , Serial Port (if fitted)
  9. Check the battery connection for tightness.
  10. Check & record the ambient temperature of the UPS equipment & battery.
  11. Check the correct operation of the remote alarm panel (if fitted)
  12. Carry out a visual inspection of the UPS internals , checking all cable connections

Engineer’s Report

On completion of the planned service, the client will be issued with a engineer’s service report outlining all works & tests completed and any recommendations that maybe required to ensure that the UPS continues to operate and provide protection to the clients critical equipment.

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